Hysterics are the order of the day at Lower Loxley, with grave consequences.

Radio Times: There is a tearful parting at Lower Loxley and Jill faces an anxious wait.

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  • Jill picks up the twins to take them to school. Freddie, sounding like a three year old, throws a major tantrum when he sees Topper being loaded into the trailer to go to his new home. Lily is quick to have her say, too, but Jill orders them into the car.
  • Peggy calls to see Helen and Henry, and tells them about Elona, Jack’s new carer, who is wonderful. Tony is convinced that Henry has farming in his veins.
  • Jill returns to Lower Loxley to reassure Elizabeth. She has spoken to Freddie’s teacher, who will keep an eye on him. But Freddie is not the only one with a taste for hysterics. Elizabeth rivals him as she hunts for a missing piece of paper, but it develops into a panic attack. She begs Jill to call an ambulance as her heart rate mounts.
  • David and Jill follow the paramedics to the hospital, where they find that Elizabeth is in Resus.

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