Brian turns detective while David’s anxieties increase.

Radio Times: Brian is on a mole hunt. Meanwhile, Alistair does not like what he sees.

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  • On the day of the market development meeting, Brian is wrestling in vain with technology. He is rescued by Annabelle, who enquires how Jennifer plans for South Africa are progressing. She also enquires about Brian’s plans for looking after Ruairidh in her absence. Brian has it all planned; Ruairidh will be spending two weeks in Ireland with his grandmother and Aunt Niamh.
  • Pip rings David with her re-sit and module results. She has, of course, done well, with a string of Bs and a C. But David’s mind is on the sick cow. When Alistair comes and takes samples, he breaks the news that it could be serious.
  • Annabelle is seriously impressed by Lilian’s performance at the meeting, but Brian fails to share her amusement. He thinks Matt has inside information, and he wants to find out who is supplying it to him. Why else should they have gone to the Paris show? But having solved his childcare problems so easily, Brian is determined to solve this one. He is convinced that either Andrew Smith or Barbara Gladstone (who has history where Matt is concerned) is leaking information to Matt. He will feed different pieces of information to the couple, and when Matt comes out with one of them, they will be able to identify the culprit and show Matt that they know what he is up to.

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