Ian agrees to take some Grange Farm veal but only the good cuts. Ed still isn’t happy.

Radio Times: Time starts running out for Brenda, and Tom puts his money where his mouth is.

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  • Mike isn’t very good at fashion advice for Vicky’s first attempt at selling veal to Grey Gables. Brenda would be better but she isn’t answering her phone. She’s got her head down applying for the Leicester job.
  • Jazzer decides to donate his talent show to Fallon but the yoghurt has been in the van since the weekend! Still the shampoo might be worth a try. She still needs to get her licensing training done and they’ll need extra help too and Jazzer offers but Jolene isn’t convinced.
  • Ed is getting fed up. Three bull calves now. That’s enough. But that turns into a row. Mike is adamant they must give it a decent go. Vicky deserves a chance to find a market. Ed apologises and then turns up with the news that Ian wants to take the veal. Ed isn’t impressed! But maybe one swallow doesn’t make a summer so he’s still hopeful it will fall through.
  • Later, Vicky admits that Ian is only interested in certain cuts so she’ll have to find a butcher or someone for the cheaper stuff – veal and ham pie maybe, there is a great market for old fashioned food.

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