Pip realises she can’t go on holiday and is rather surprised Jude is going anyway.

Radio Times: Jennifer gets an unwelcome houseguest, and Alice has a bright idea.

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  • Jennifer isn’t impressed at having Christopher to stay. Lilian thinks they deserve their privacy but Jennifer is worrying about the effect it is having on Ruairi. Lilian is more worried about the probation visit to fit the box for Matt’s electronic tag. But she is still planning to see Paul again – on the sly this time in Felpersham.
  • Pip realises she can’t just go on holiday. She can’t touch the inheritance money after all and she can’t ask Jude to pay. Guess she’ll just have to stay home and hang out at his place. Jude will be so disappointed.
  • In the end, Alice and Chris despair of getting any peace and quiet and they decamp into the holiday cottage that Brian gave her as part of the farm settlement. Jennifer isn’t keen on that idea either.
  • Pip breaks the news to Jude to say they can’t go on holiday together. And is rather shocked when, surprise surprise, he says he’s going anyway.

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