Pip is determined to go on holiday spending her inheritance if necessary.

Radio Times: Privacy’s a pipe dream for Alice and Chris, and David and Pip go head to head.

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  • Alice stays overnight with Chris but they don’t get much privacy with Susan popping in and out with tea. She’s very keen to encourage the relationship. But Alice and Chris decide to decamp to Home Farm. She has done a very thorough job of writing the instructions for the shop volunteers. She really doesn’t want things messed up.
  • Pip tells Ruth she wants to go on holiday and she tries to be calm – just pointing out that she has schoolwork and will be letting Elizabeth down but David completely explodes. The idea that she wants a loan from them is the last straw and he says he refuses to let her go. Pip says she is going anyway – with Grandad Solly’s inheritance. Once Pip has stormed out David repeats she isn’t going but Ruth isn’t sure they can stop her.

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