Ian proves a solution to Peggy’s problems. Chalkie proves a solution to Matt’s problem.

Radio Times: Peggy hopes for a brighter future.

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  • Peggy and Jack have an early visitor; Ian calls on his way to Grey Gables. He’s wonderful with Jack, and quickly picks up on Peggy’s exhausted state. Peggy is delighted when Ian asks whether he might call more often.
  • Matt asks after Caroline. Lilian tells him she’s broken her upper arm, though it’s not in plaster. Nigel took over the commentary while Oliver rushed to her aid. Despite the accident, the Team Chase day was great fun, and Lilian enthuses. Matt’s in edgy mood, though.
  • Tom asks Adam about selling at the Farmers’ Market. Adam’s very positive, and Tom wonders about selling other products alongside Home Farm venison. Fortunately the pig escapade is now forgotten.
  • Lilian and Matt lunch at the Bull, though Matt has to take an urgent call from Chalkie. Adam keeps Lilian company, but disappears quickly when Matt returns. Chalkie has sorted out a bad debt and Matt seems much relieved.
  • Tom calls at the Lodge and tells Peggy about his business developments. She’s concerned that he’s overdoing things, but Tom assures her things are fine. He mentions going into top-quality ham, but asks her not to tell Brian.
  • Jack is happy in the garden, and calls Peggy to look at a Green Woodpecker. Peggy is touched when he tells her she is beautiful, and tells Jack that things are going to be fine now they’re together.

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