Peggy gets her way. Caroline takes a tumble.

Radio Times: There are thrills and spills at the Lower Loxley Team Chase.

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  • It’s the day of the Team Chase, and Elizabeth is convinced Nigel will take unnecessary risks and have a fall. Oliver does Sterling work as commentator, and the crowd, including Lilian, greatly enjoy the event.
  • Elizabeth is amazed to hear that Peggy intends to look after Jack by herself. Lilian is fatalistic – all they can do is provide lots of back-up, though it’s been a job to convince Jennifer of this.
  • Jennifer duly takes Peggy to fetch Jack, but is desperately worried about her mother. Peggy actually admits that she’s concerned Jack will have become institutionalised, and may not recognise The Lodge.
  • The Ambridge team do well in the Team Chase, until Caroline takes a nasty fall. Oliver has to include it in his commentary, and his anxiety is palpable.
  • Jack is, initially, disoriented, but soon settles to watch his beloved birds. Jennifer leaves, reluctantly, after her attempts to cook a meal are met with a sharp rebuttal. As the door closes behind Jennifer, it’s clear that Peggy is utterly exhausted.

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