In the Single Wicket final, Brenda beats Tom who may have gifted it to her.

Radio Times: Brenda does it for the girls at the Single Wicket.

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  • It’s Single Wicket day in Ambridge so Eddie’s looking to knock off early, leaving finishing moving Tony’s top soil until tomorrow. Tony protests, but agrees when he hears he’s got an easy first round by drawing Fallon. Eddie’s got Sid.
  • Adam’s doing his 70s radio DJ impression as commentator. In the first round, Brenda gets a bye as Derek Fletcher’s hurt his back. Tom beats Roy. Alistair beats Mike. Fallon beats “former village star” Tony! Lilian arrives and is happy to chat to Tony. By the semi-finals, Tom beats Christopher, and Brenda beats Fallon.
  • It’s a Tom and Brenda final. Tom’s in to bat. He takes just one run off the first ball; Eddie thinks he could have got two and the final’s a farce. Second ball he skies to mid-on and Alistair’s under it. Howzat! Brenda Tucker is this year’s winner. Eddie’s irate; he thinks Tom deliberately got himself out and threw the match away to Brenda. Lilian thinks if he did it’s rather sweet. Eddie stomps off to make a formal complaint. Lilian declines Tony’s offer of a drink in the Bull, she’s off home.

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