Jennifer’s lunch goes well. Lilian and Matt plan a theatre outing.

Radio Times: Marshall is on best behaviour at Home Farm.

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  • Jennifer’s anniversary lunch goes well. Brian particularly liked the dessert wine Marshall brought from a little place in the Carpathian Mountains. Afterwards, Peggy brings Jack over for coffee and to meet Marshall.
  • Lilian’s trying to persuade Matt to go out for a nice lunch, but Matt would sooner not bump into someone they know, especially her family. Lilian makes Debbie’s excuses, saying her turning down Matt’s offer wouldn’t have been personal. Matt goes off to do paperwork.
  • Later, Lilian brings Matt coffee and tells of two cancelled tickets she’s picked up for an excellent comedy at the theatre in Felpersham on Friday night with a nice meal beforehand. Matt’s reluctant but she persuades him. Going on like they are is wearing them down.
  • Jack and Peggy take their leave, it all went well but Jack’s having trouble remembering who Marshall is. Marshall, wise man, is looking forward to getting Debbie all to himself when they’re back home.
  • Brian thinks it was a success and his opinion of Marshall is improving as he gets to know him and drink his wine. Although he thinks, given Debbie’s previous form, who knows how long it will last.

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