It’s a day of celebration for Henry, but of painful memories for Elizabeth.

Radio Times: Henry’s first birthday arrives and proves to be a day filled with memories for Elizabeth.

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  • Helen ices a cake for Henry’s birthday party, with advice from Pat. She thought Nic and Will’s wedding was just perfect.
  • Elizabeth is finding the anniversary of Nigel’s death hard, but goes with Jill and the twins to the pantomime. Lily wants to hear about Nigel’s stage appearances, which Elizabeth finds hard to bear. They are joined by Debbie, who has brought Ruairidh as Jenny is busy with the shoot. There is a marked atmosphere between Debbie and Elizabeth.
  • Henry’s party gets underway, with help from Tom, who sneers unpleasantly but characteristically when he is told that Emma is returning to work tomorrow; apparently cleaning at Brookfield is nothing in comparison to running Ambridge Organics.
  • The panto is a success, though Lily thought Prince Charming was soppy. Debbie suggests going for a pizza, and Elizabeth agrees but finds it very hard. Debbie is touched by the way Lily looks after her mother. Elizabeth, struggling to make conversation with Debbie, suddenly comments on how like Siobhán Ruairidh is.
  • As the cake candles are blown out, with help from Tom, Henry marks the day by taking his first step.

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