There’s a wedding at Grey Gables.

Radio Times: It is Will and Nic’s big day, and Ian is feeling anxious.

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  • Will’s nerves seem a thing of the past on his wedding day, though Roy is apprehensive about his Best Man’s speech. Will reflects on his wedding to Emma. Even on their wedding day he knew something was wrong.
  • Helen lends Nic a vintage garter as her ‘something borrowed’, then she and Clarrie help Nic into her dress. They all agree she looks wonderful. Mia thinks her mum looks like a princess.
  • Caroline and Ian seem more nervous than the couple as they move the fake cake into place. When Clarrie comes to take a look, Caroline quickly ushers her to the top table, in case she spots Ian’s replacement layer.
  • The marriage vows are spoken, the bride and groom take a tour of the Green in Joe’s trap and Caroline feeds the sponge layer of the cake to the children before anyone can discover that Clarrie’s fruit cake layer is missing. For all concerned it has been a perfect day.

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