The Archers consider the options for Brookfield. Caroline sits on the wedding cake – just the top tier.

Radio Times: There is a wedding worry for Caroline, while Ruth and David call a family conference.

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  • At least it has stopped raining but it doesn’t seem to have polluted the Am with leaking slurry. It is going to be an expensive problem to solve; even the children are worrying where the money will come from. They will have to consider all their options and there is no time like the present.
  • Where is Joe? He is supposed to be bringing the wedding cake in the pony and trap. It’s a relief when they are safely delivered, even though he carries them in himself – all three layers at once.
  • Direct selling to supermarket isn’t the answer to Brookfield’s problems. They could cut costs, go for a smaller herd, or a larger herd, or come out of dairy altogether. The gut reaction to that is ‘absolutely not’. Pip has a friend whose family has been forced to do it; they are now free to pursue other farm ventures and they have more of a social life, not being tied to milking. If they do reject the option, they need to know why they are rejecting it, so it is good that Pip has brought it up.
  • What a beautiful cake. Ian has unpacked it because he wanted to check that it had not suffered any damage in Joe’s trap. It hadn’t – but after Caroline slips over while carrying the top tier and lands on it, it is a sorry sight. It’s not the end of the world; Ian will make another cake, though it will have to be a sponge and the icing will be a late night job. They will just have to guide the happy couple to cut the bottom tier.

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