Tracy’s kids wreak havoc; surely they must now get their marching orders.

Radio Times: Neil loses his patience and Will shows some last-minute nerves.

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  • It’s his wedding day tomorrow and Will is nervous. He cannot resist checking that Roy has everything in hand. That Roy has checked and double checked doesn’t signify. That Grey Gables have had the odd wedding there before doesn’t signify. Perhaps unwisely, Roy admits to a tiny, tiny problem with the chandelier: some dangly bits have been knocked off; it’s a half hour job and it will be done; it probably would not be noticed anyway. Paranoid Will cannot rest until he has checked with Caroline. He admits to being a bit of a pain.
  • Neil returns to Ambridge View to find pandemonium. His piglets have got out. How? Chelsea wanted to stroke one. Tracy thinks the ensuing chase is good exercise for all. Neil is not amused. With the kids out of the way and with Tracy’s help they are recaptured in an hour or so. Susan returns to find her garden wrecked. Neil feels he now has an irresistible argument to get rid of Tracy. However Susan advocates a nice cup of tea and a talk to dad; if he invites them it might happen.
  • Will has checked the shoot arrangements while he will be away and all is well. Helen has written out a timetable for the wedding so that everyone taking part knows when and where they have to be; if anything she is worse than Will. As for Nic, she cares only about Will turning up.

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