The Christmas Show goes well; Lynda’s surprises were pleasant ones.

Radio Times: Jazzer has a surprise for Lynda, but questions arise about whether her show will go smoothly.

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  • Tom is waxing lyrical about his nephew – his only nephew as far as he is concerned; he is not prepared to take at face value his mother’s apology to Helen. Brenda recognises that his anger has a root that Tom has not voiced. Tom is anxious that Rich might turn up in Ambridge one day and maybe lay some claim on the farm. Brenda points out that Tom has put a lot of work into Bridge Farm, probably saved it recent months. Rich may be John’s son but Tom is his heir.
  • Is he just winding Lynda up? The Christmas Show is about to start but Jazzer is keeping his song as a surprise; Patrick, the pianist, knows and Robert has the lighting cues but Lynda remains in the dark. Jim is still rather belligerent about the equipment he needs not being there with just an hour to go but he accepts that it will be and, prompted by Robert, is gracious enough to thank Lynda for her efforts in securing it.
  • Jim’s equipment arrives in the nick of time. So Lynda’s first surprise is that he is reading an English translation of Virgil’s Georgics but the classical scholars in the audience may read the Latin projected onto a screen; Lynda had been led to expect it t’other way round.
  • Finally comes Jazzer, Lynda’s other headache because he sang a totally unsuitable song in rehearsal; rather than a Scottish song he turns to America with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Lynda need not have worried.

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