Kathy helps Pat to sort out her broken family relations.

Radio Times: Pat tries to make amends and Jim presents Lynda with a challenge.

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  • Meeting Kathy for lunch, Pat is economical with the truth about her Christmas. When reminded that Lilian needs the list of who to invite to the party, Pat says she can’t face it; she doesn’t have much to celebrate. Kathy draws out the explanation: how they have seen Rich, which Pat thought would help but it was a terrible mistake. Pat had been thinking of him as a piece of John, he even has John’s mannerisms. But he is his own person; now she wants to know him better. She has totally alienated her own children. Kathy thinks they will see Rich as a cuckoo in the nest, jealous of the attention Pat has been lavishing upon Rich. If that’s not how it is, Pat must tell them.
  • Lynda has so much to do but Robert insists she should have lunch first and relax for half an hour. Robert plans to sort out the PA system, the fairy lights, the stage lights. Lynda is worrying about what Jazzer will sing but Robert is sure he won’t let her down.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, Pat wants to talk but Helen fears an argument. Pat is so sorry, and now sees how wrong it was. She was swept up by an over-riding desire to see Rich. What upsets Helen is that Henry, not now being the first grandchild, doesn’t count any more. No, no! Pat loves him even more; she realises how blessed she is to have him here, where she can watch him develop and love him. He has always been precious, now even more so. Oh mum!
  • Jim arrives to rehearse. But where is his equipment? He thought Lynda was getting it; Lynda thought he was. Grey Gables must have what is needed – better get on the phone Lynda.

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