Casper steps out but Pat lays low.

Radio Times: Recriminations fly at Bridge Farm and Casper makes his debut.

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  • The Boxing Day meet is to be Caspar’s debut. Freddy has been busy with the grooming, so he looks extra smart. Freddy wishes his Dad was riding with them; so does Shula. Elizabeth had a nice day at The Stables yesterday and later at The Bull. Elizabeth and Lily decide not to stick around and wait for Freddy, who will be ages; their treat will be to go home and watch TV.
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat is still in her room so Tom and Helen resolve to talk to Dad; they feel that their parents went behind their backs and still don’t ‘get’ why they both feel so strongly about it. Tony accuses them of being selfish, not considering mum’s feelings; she is sobbing her heart out – for John.
  • Helen doesn’t see things in quite such black and white terms as Tom. He points out that Helen and the rest of the family don’t give any thought to Henry’s father; he is simply theirs now. This is probably how Sharon feels. It’s complicated. Helen needs to think it through.

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