Pat and Tony’s secret is out.

Radio Times: There is stunning news for Tom and Helen. Meanwhile, Susan faces a canape crisis at Ambridge View.

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  • Tracy has done Susan’s bidding, preparing for the Ambridge View party, though not quite to Susan’s satisfaction. Now she is looking forward to a chat with Jennifer, leaving Susan to worry just what she will say – as well she might. Meanwhile Ruairidh has taken it upon himself to demolish almost single-handedly Susan’s stock of canapés.
  • It’s Henry’s first Christmas; Tony reflects on how lucky they are. They must get on with preparations for their own Bridge Farm party. With Tom and Brenda, and apparently with Tony’s blessing, Helen is determined that nothing shall spoil Henry’s first Christmas – especially the elephant in the room, John’s alleged son.
  • Brian is looking forward to the Boxing Day shoot, though he is more apprehensive about the following Monday, with Will away; Jennifer is having misgivings about taking Ruairidh to the panto on that day, on top of catering for the shoot. Maybe Debbie would like to take him. Right now Ruairidh’s canapé intake, supplemented by the chocolates Tracy has fed him, has had the inevitable consequence.
  • How advanced Henry is, the doting family agree; just think, this time last year Pat and Tony had no grandchildren – and now… As Pat hastens away, upset, Tom is astute enough to realise that she was not thinking about Henry – but Rich. Clearly that business is not all over. Something has happened! Tony is forced to admit that they have seen him.

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