Pat gets into the Christmas mood.

Radio Times: Pat gets away from it all and there is a break with tradition at Bridge Farm.

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  • All done in the dairy, Pat can relax for Christmas; they will start up again on Tuesday. So what has Pat planned for the afternoon? On her behalf, Tony has accepted an invitation to go into town with Kathy, hoping it would put her in the mood for Christmas. It’s probably the last place she wants to go but she accepts with good grace.
  • Helen is a bit fragile today, after last night’s hen party. Maybe limo parties are a business opportunity – the next big thing.
  • David calls with their beef order and explains the dilemma with his slurry pit. A temporary repair is possible, though the badgers are likely to wreck it again; also, there is a danger that it could be seen as interfering with a badger sett.
  • While doing a bit of last minute shopping with Kathy, Pat almost slips up over her visit to the (Birmingham!) Christmas Market. I wonder how long that secret will survive. Meanwhile, Tony’s purchases from the market have inspired Helen to bring forward the decoration of the tree, traditionally done on Christmas Eve.

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