A stag night and a hen night. Lots of drink. Usual story.

Radio Times: The stags and hens hit the town and the girls are in for a surprise.

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  • Today’s shoot went well, especially for Will who got some good tips. Now he and Roy are en route to his stag party. At the Comedy Club, Will is the butt of jokes, both because he is a gamekeeper and because he is getting married. He gets home remarkably sober with all his clothes on; suits him: he has to work tomorrow.
  • Meanwhile the girls are travelling by stretch limo – which breaks down. Never mind, there is a well stocked mini-bar so they are not bothered. After two hours of the ‘best party ever’ they are rescued by the boys in blue.
  • Will is concerned to find a police car turning up at his door, but relieved that the passengers are not in trouble. They are, however, very drunk. Despite this Nic is looking forward to marrying Will. For him, it can’t come too soon.

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