Caspar arrives at Lower Loxley. Jill plans a diversion for the twins.

Radio Times: Lower Loxley gears up for a new arrival, and Jill makes an inspired suggestion.

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  • It’s a day for good ideas. First up is Lilian who is planning a 60th birthday party for Pat, though she hasn’t actually asked her yet. Jill is the first recipient of the news, on her way to Christine’s 80th birthday lunch with a select group of family – and Jim. Later, when Lilian does discuss the idea with Pat and Tony it is favourably received.
  • Pat and Tony are rejoicing in the fact that all their offspring have turned out to be entrepreneurs – from where their thoughts turn to John and hence to his son Rich. They realise they must stop this; they must focus on what they have here in Ambridge, lest Tom and Helen notice the pre-occupation.
  • This is a big day for Freddy: Caspar is due at Lower Loxley. Freddy has prepared his new home and Shula casts a professional eye over his work – perhaps a little less straw. When Caspar arrives, the family turn out in force to greet him; Freddy wishes dad were here – don’t we all!
  • Jill has the other suggestion of the day: what to do with Freddy and Lily on 2nd January, the anniversary of Nigel’s editorial murder tragic fall. Jennifer is taking Ruairidh to a pantomime, so why don’t she and Elizabeth take the twins too. Excellent idea!

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