Susan prepares for Christmas without mum. Jazzer’s song does not hit the spot.

Radio Times: Jazzer is in confrontational mood, and Susan contemplates spending Christmas without her mum.

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  • The burden of Christmas is weighing heavily on Susan. She has made it clear to Tracy that she is expecting her to help. What Neil would like from Tracy is a date when they will move out but Susan won’t raise that topic until after Christmas.
  • Susan calls on Clarrie for a natter – a welcome break from turkey preparations. She gets a peep at the wedding cake which is gorgeous. Clarrie is expecting William and family for Christmas dinner and Ed’s lot for tea. Clarrie will not be sorry to see this year go, nor will Susan, having just lost her mum. But they do have a new grandchild this year.
  • Jazzer turns up at the Village Hall and is impressed with the stage setting. Alas, Lynda is not impressed with his song – quite unsuitable.
  • Susan has picked up several cards from her dad’s. One is addressed to Ivy and Bert so she will have to write back and let them know about mum. She was always at the centre of Christmas preparations, so they must make sure everyone has a good Christmas – for mum.

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