Pat begins to concentrate on the farm again.

Radio Times: Helen feels upbeat, but David is frustrated by wildlife problems.

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  • The next place on which David needs to dump slurry – a dry pasture remote from the Am – has ewes on it, so they need to be shifted. Ruth agrees to delay her breakfast to help and when Tom calls to deliver burgers, he gets roped in too. David fears that the badgers have actually made the breach worse; the engineer Clem will assess that tomorrow. In spite of the trouble they are causing him, David plans use the NFU dinner to sound opinion about a vaccination programme for badgers; Tom is in favour and assures David that his parents will be too.
  • Pat and Tony, when alone together, are still talking about Rich and the smile that was so reminiscent of John. Pat wants to buy him a present but Tony thinks that would not be a good idea. Sharon having named him John must mean that she really loved his father. Pat wishes they could have told him who they were but they must be patient – and they must keep quiet about where they were yesterday: Tom and Helen think they went to the Birmingham Christmas Market.
  • The new artwork for Ambridge Organics has arrived and is well received by all; even Pat manages to turn her mind to the business again and to congratulate Helen for her enthusiasm – and Tom too. They will all be together at Christmas. That’s what matters. It will be a great Christmas.

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