It’s party time in Ambridge. Ed is pleased to have Baby Spice as a present but William is not.

Radio Times: Parties galore.

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  • When Elizabeth is captured by two swarthy pirates, it comes as a complete surprise but she thoroughly approves. What a deceitful pair are Kenton and Nigel! Let the party commence.
  • At Grange Farm, William is an unwilling guest at Ed’s party. He and Emma have also been invited to Lower Loxley; he cannot wait to leave but Emma insists on staying a while.
  • Kenton explains the treasure hunt rules; each clue relates to a year of marriage. Ruth quietly confirms that everyone but Nigel and Elizabeth will drop out after the seventh clue.
  • Ed is having a great day: Tony Archer rang with some work for next week and Joe, not to be out-done by Oliver, has given him Baby Spice. But Will gave Baby Spice to Joe to keep for himself: he can’t have given her to Ed, it ain’t right.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth are in danger of dropping out of the treasure hunt: they are clearly last. Kenton offers an extra clue and some false reports of the others.
  • Emma is enjoying Dross’ performance even if William isn’t. She envies Fallon’s short skirt which she couldn’t wear because of her scar. William cannot resist an argument with Ed about Baby Spice, even though Emma urges him to save it for another day.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth reach the island, which is in darkness, so they really think they have won. When the lights go on they realise that they are not alone and the last clue of the competition has been engineered: the treasure chest contains their anniversary present, a bronze statue. Actually Tim Beauchamp and Irena have won but David and Nigel, representing the last two couples, have a forfeit to pay.
  • Kenton is ferrying the two latecomers across to the island with William recounting how all the people at Ed’s party were acting like kids and he couldn’t get away fast enough. The ‘adult’ scene which greets him is of two grown men walking the plank and a third, dressed at a parrot, up tree. Best open a tinny, William, and go with the flow.

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