Helen moves out of Bridge Farm to live full time with Greg.

Radio Times: Helen’s making plans.

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  • At Brookfield Debbie has been left in charge of Ben and declines to give him up to David or Chaba; broody or what? Ruth has gone to the shop for the spices needed for Chaba’s mum’s recipe; it is a bit more than a simple goulash and is giving Ruth a bit of a headache. The ensuing conversation covers Josh and Phoebe’s first school days, the latest Brookfield calf and the appallingly low price of milk, the worst in Europe. However, local milk producers are waking up and next week David and Ruth are joining them.
  • At Bridge Farm, a slightly hung-over Ed, is being shown the potatoes and the 160 sacks into which they need to be put. They are to be sold at the gate and on special offer through the veg boxes; maybe Eddie could sell some at car boot sales.
  • Debbie agrees that David and Ruth are right to look at doing their own processing of milk. Her own husband is also making a smart move; he is making a big hit with his evening class but Debbie probably won’t pass on the compliments she has heard from Brenda Tucker because husbands get smug if you are too nice to them.
  • Ed is allowed to pause in the spud packing to help Helen load a chest of drawers into the van; she assures him she is not selling it. In fact, she is moving out and will have completed the process by the end of the week. Moving in with Greg is what they both want and it will save the hassle of coming home each morning to get changed. She has Tony’s blessing but is not so sure about Pat; she has said little but Helen fears she is not too happy about it.

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