Brian relishes the prospect of pointing out to Matt Crawford the shortcomings of his chosen contractor.

Radio Times: Pat’s concerned.

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  • As Neil and Tom struggle with the new pig arks, Tom reveals his latest plan to market the stored frozen pork as Christmas Pudding sausages; he and Pat had experimented last night.
  • Brian agrees to go with Debbie straight after lunch to look at the deer; he has a ‘meeting’ later in Felpersham. She is pleased, just as Kate was pleased with the money they sent for her birthday and Alice was pleased with the new saddle. Everybody loves Brian!
  • Tom has left his thermos in the kitchen and Pat takes it to him but complains that it has made her late. Tom knows why and confides in Neil: Helen is moving in with Greg. Neil has some sympathy: Emma keeps talking of Will as if he is God’s gift. She still hasn’t had compensation for the accident a year ago, not that money would make up for what she suffered. Tom points out that Ed was responsible for that, not Will, but to Neil they are two dogs from the same kennel.
  • Debbie points out that the deer do not have enough shade and the smaller hinds get pushed out. Brian agrees to planting some more trees. Then Debbie spots something in the distance: the contractors on the estate are still drilling. That’s really late; there will be a yield penalty which will cost Borchester Land money. Brian is sure that Matt would want that brought to his attention and Brian will take pleasure in doing just that at the next Board meeting.
  • Jennifer invites Pat to the launch of the Ambridge Archives web site on 16 October; the web site will be projected for all to see and there will be drinks and nibbles (for which, no doubt, Brian will happily pay). Pat flies off the handle when Tom complains that she has not, as promised, made some more Christmas Pudding meat balls; he wanted Neil to try them. She shouldn’t have got so cross and explains to Jennifer that she is concerned about Helen moving in with Greg. She just wishes it was someone of Helen’s own age – and Greg was so secretive about his family at first. She hoped Helen would grow out of it but moving in feels more permanent.

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