Brian’s date with Siobhán is interrupted by Simon, on a date with Brenda.

Radio Times: Caught in the act.

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  • Roy enlists his sister’s help to look in on Marjorie; Roy himself has to get Phoebe from school to a birthday party at Lower Loxley. However, she cannot stay long with Marjorie as she is going to Felpersham for a night out – with the girls.
  • Kenton is in flattering mode, first with Hayley about her professional attitude, her attention to detail – just like Kenton himself, in fact. He admits to be working on a business plan for his cyber café but will not reveal the identity of the potential backer.
  • Brian and Siobhán are to meet this evening in a wine bar in Felpersham; it’s not really Brian’s scene but it has the benefit of being non-smoking, so ideal for a mum-to-be.
  • Kenton and Roy have sneaked out of the party, full of admiration for Hayley. It’s Roy’s turn for some flattery and Kenton queries what Roy would do if he was setting up his own business – a cyber café for example. Roy mentions a few things that must be in week one of a business management course but are obviously new to Kenton. Surprise, surprise, it confirms Kenton’s own approach.
  • The wine bar is better than Brian expected, all nooks and crannies – very cosy. It seems a nice way to round off a good day but their talk of the forthcoming birth is interrupted when a familiar voice asks if their vacant stools are free; it is Simon. He is waiting for ‘a crowd of students’ so the place really isn’t going to be big enough. There is only one student in evidence just now, Brenda Tucker, and the way she is dressed tells Brian that he is up to something (and he would know!); it is also written all over Simon’s face and he could not get out fast enough. Obviously he will not be saying anything about seeing Brian with Siobhán.

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