Phil reports that he saw Simon and Brenda in the wine bar yesterday – a close shave for Brian and Siobhán!

Radio Times: Goulash surprise.

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  • Ruth is managing Phil’s expectations about tonight’s birthday meal for Jill. He is not to get his hopes up. Phil and Jill had enjoyed a wonderful evening of music in Felpersham yesterday; they had wanted to try out a little wine bar beforehand but didn’t have time, although they saw Simon in there with Brenda Tucker. When she comes over later, Phil is keen to ask Debbie (he assumes she was with Simon) what it is like.
  • Shula is early for a meeting with Janet who reports that Lynda has been told she cannot have the Village Hall for a panto this year because it is booked. She will be disappointed but the rest of the village will probably breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Chaba is late having rounded up an errant heiffer but is ready to take over the ploughing so that Bert can get off to the meeting too. Bert invites him to watch a ploughing match on Sunday and he is delighted. It is his second invitation today.
  • The meeting is under way to discuss the Harvest Supper; they settle on a simple buffet of locally produced food.
  • Ruth would normally have bought the noodles, but Chaba says his mum usually makes them so … Chaba suggests it is a bit early to be cooking them, certainly for tonight’s meal and even for the children’s tea. His offer to test them is gracefully declined – maybe the next batch. He asks about the WI because Jill has invited him to their next meeting to speak about Hungary.
  • After the meeting, Jill is being toasted although only with tea. They are all encouraging Bert to enter the Echo’s poetry competition which closes next week. Jill admits that she is dying to see what Ruth serves up for tonight’s meal (not, it is to be hoped, a prophetic turn of phrase).

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