Simon erroneously thinks that Brian informed on him. Should he reciprocate?

Radio Times: Brian’s got son-in-law trouble.

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  • Helen is loading up with vegetables for the shop; the potatoes are going particularly well and Ed has sold 6 bags at a car boot sale. She will be home at lunchtime to move the last of her belongings; Tony will be pleased to help but not because he wants her gone.
  • Jennifer has called at Bridge Farm to invite Pat and Tony to dinner next Tuesday but not because she perceives that Pat needs cheering up. It seems that Jill had a lovely birthday meal with a super pudding by Shula – and Ruth played her part too, with a simple goulash!
  • Debbie’s car is to be serviced today, so Simon will take her and pick her up again at about 3pm, although he does not believe that she will have finished work by then. Debbie takes the opportunity to tease him about spending time with Brenda Tucker – she has a very reliable witness, which Simon naturally assumes is her father.
  • While trimming cabbages, Pat explains that Neil was not very polite about the Grundys. Emma’s hospital appointment has come through to decide whether she gets compensation. Tony thinks you would hardly know she had been hurt; Pat knows better, that Emma chooses very carefully what she wears. Helen misconstrues her parents offer of some spare kitchen utensils but backs off when they explain they were things which John had.
  • Simon was right, Debbie is not ready to go at 3pm. His cosy coffee with Jennifer is interrupted by Brian, whose greeting for his son-in-law lacks warmth. Brian thinks Simon has come to make trouble. Simon reprimands Brian for telling tales to Debbie, a charge of which he is innocent, but of course Simon is not aware that anyone else saw him on Wednesday. In turn Simon calls into question Brian’s tale that he was discussing translation fees with Siobhán. Brian clearly believes that the best form of defence is attack and he warns his son-in-law that Debbie means a lot to him and if Simon does anything to hurt her, Brian will not stand by and do nothing; so watch out!

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