Bert wows Chaba with his knowledge of tractors; Simons social life continues to come between him and Debbie.

Radio Times: Bert impresses Chaba.

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  • It’s breakfast-time at Brookfield. Chaba is on the phone to his mother, who is not very well. Bert arrives to take Chaba off to a ploughing competition, though not before David manages to dig himself into a hole by suggesting that Bert is probably the most boring person in the world. Chaba, fortunately, misses the point. Chaba and Bert leave, providing David and Ruth with something they have not had for over a month – space!
  • Simon and Debbie turn up unexpectedly at Home Farm. Debbie has come to pick up some work related papers to study tonight, whilst Simon goes out to a party. Simon is at pains to point out that they were BOTH invited to the party – and Jennifer thinks that a night out would do Debbie good – though Debbie is not interested in getting wasted with a bunch of students, and seems a little put out that Simon is off out himself. As Debbie gathers her stuff, Simon and Jennifer talk about how little social time Debbie allows herself. Jennifer suggests they come over for dinner on Tuesday, but ‘sorry – no can do’ – Tuesday is Simon’s American Literature evening class.
  • Bert is waxing lyrical about the quality of the ploughing at the competition. Chaba gets confused between ‘vintage’ and ‘ancient’, and pays Bert a back handed compliment about how old he must be. Bert takes no offence, and treats Chaba to one of his poems about tractors. At Chaba’s suggestion that Bert write a poem for him, Bert suddenly seems inspired with an idea…….
  • David and Ruth are sorting out the cows when Chaba returns. Chaba is wildly impressed by Berts extensive knowledge about tractors, not to mention his incredible poetry skills. It’s as much as David and Ruth can do to stop themselves bursting out laughing.
  • Simon is all ready to go out, and still (supposedly) trying to persuade Debbie to come along. She is not at all interested in sitting round with a bunch of students drinking cheap red wine from plastic cups whilst listening to the sort of music which makes your teeth rattle! She does notice that Simon is wearing a new shirt, and her parting shot, before he leaves, is along the lines of expecting that he should have grown out of this student party lifestyle by now!

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