The frail Marjorie has lots of visitors; pregnant Baby Spice has milk fever, but saved by Ed, Oliver and co.

Radio Times: Baby Spice is in trouble.

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  • Joe is over at Grange Farm with Ed, feeding Bartleby. Ed is anxious about Baby Spice and her impending calf so asks Joe to take a look. He observes some “slackening around her tail end” (whatever that means!!) and advises Ed to check on her every 2 or 3 hours – and suggests also asking ‘old man Sterling’ to keep an eye on her.
  • Clarrie has gone to see Marjorie to ask if she needs any shopping doing. Marjorie is full of praise for the way in which Roy and Hayley look after her. Her wrist is still bad which means she can’t lift anything, and consequently dines each evening with Roy and Hayley. Jennifer calls round and has brought some cakes. Clarrie has to go so it’s just Jennifer and Marjorie for tea – how lovely. Marjorie enquires after Debbie – Jennifer wishes that both she and Simon wouldn’t work quite so hard. In their conversation it emerges that Honeysuckle Cottage has been sold, though neither of them know to whom.
  • Both back at home, Clarrie talks to Joe about the poor state of Marjorie. Also, it seems that Lynda has been round threatening to report them to Mr Woolley for the shabby state of their garden, particularly the load of junk out the front. The phone goes – it’s Ed – Baby Spice has gone down with milk fever, so Joe hurries over to Grange Farm, telling Ed to call the vet immediately.
  • At Grange Farm, Caroline and Oliver (who have been picking apples in the orchard and practising their italian) help Ed to prop up Baby Spice using some bales of straw. Joe turns up, congratulating Ed on his vigilance. All they need now is for Alastair to turn up, and everything will be fine – hopefully.

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