Izzy tells Pip some worrying news. Jack visits Peggy in hospital.

Radio Times: Jack loses his bearings.

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  • Matt shows exceptional patience with Jack, who has managed to set the smoke alarm off by forgetting a piece of toast under the grill. Matt lends him a tie to wear to go and visit Peggy, but Jack rejects it; it makes him look like a spiv.
  • Izzy is staying over at Brookfield, but finds Pip’s obsession with cows and calving difficult to understand. When Pip tries to do her homework, all Izzy wants to do is listen to music and go on-line to see what her ex-boyfriend is up to.
  • Peggy is pleased to see Jack, and while somewhat recovered, is still very weak and exhausted. Lilian updates her on village news, and Peggy says she’s seen the hospital chaplain. Jack is very confused, and can’t understand why Peggy is staying in that hotel when she could be staying at Jack’s.
  • Izzy drops a bombshell; she’s pregnant by Darren, who has dumped her. Pip is appalled – it will wreck Izzy’s life, and she proceeds to deliver one of her lectures. When Izzy talks about going to an abortion clinic, Pip offers to go with her. It’s too late, though. Izzy says she doesn’t want to speak to Pip ever again.

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