Jack decides to arrange Power of Attorney – but for Peggy and Hazel.

Radio Times: Jack lays down the law to Peggy.

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  • When Peggy calls at Brookfield, Jill is keen to show off her prize carrots – although she won’t really know how ‘prize’ they are until she digs them up on Sunday. She is also keen to visit Grey Gables, on the pretext of parrot-watching, to wheedle information from Lynda about what she is entering in the Flower and Produce Show. It’s all a bit personal.
  • When William calls on his mum and she tells him of Edward’s plans, he is unconvinced. Instead of sorting himself out, Ed is just running away again; it will never happen. In Ed’s eyes Will may be the dull one but he has a job he loves, a wife he loves and a baby he loves. Just one thing is missing.
  • Jack has made his way to Grey Gables, by means of a lift from Hazel. This has worried Peggy because she expected to meet him at the Lodge. All’s well now and the parrot appears on cue. Jill is told that Lynda is entering no more than her courgette chutney.
  • William explains his desire to have another baby, several in fact, and Emma’s reluctance. Clarrie tries to make him see it from her point of view – maybe in a couple of years.
  • Relaxing with a drink on the terrace, Jack tells Peggy he has decided to arrange the Power of Attorney after all. Hazel persuaded him and that she should be a co-signatory. When Peggy protests that his solicitor would make a better co-signatory because he would have Jack’s best interests at heart, Jack is quick to see the implication – Hazel would not have his best interests at heart. Peggy is prejudiced; she had wanted him to make a decision, now he has made it.

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