Jill feels bad about Lynda and Peggy feels bad about Jack.

Radio Times: Jill is forced to eat her words.

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  • It’s the day of the Ambridge Flower and Produce Show, but something appears to be missing – Lynda’s entry. Phil wins two firsts and a Highly Commended for his roses, and Jill gets prizes for her honey, runner beans and carrots. Ruth and David are much impressed.
  • Lynda meets Joe in the country park, where he is trying to catch the parrot (now, according to Lynda, a ring-necked parakeet) with bird-seed and a ferret cage. After a lame attempt at claiming he’s looking for a missing ferret, Joe says he’s just doing a good turn, and anyway, it’s his birthday.
  • Jill feels ashamed of all her spying on Lynda, and attempts to outdo her at the show when she discovers that Lynda has entered only one item – courgette chutney. In an attempt to make amends, she offers Lynda her winning honey. It doesn’t take long for Jill to recover her former feelings towards Lynda, though, when she hears all about the Borchester Life feature, and how Lynda was growing the vegetables for a cornucopia to add an ambience … a certain je ne sais quoi to her kitchen. But at least Lynda has bought Josh’s picture of the parrot for £1, which has made Josh’s day.
  • As Phil arranges his prize roses on Grace’s window in the church, Peggy tells him and Jill of her worries over Jack. Hazel will do anything to get what she wants, and Jack can’t see through her. Peggy is worried it will break his heart.

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