Emma can’t take any more domesticity. Caroline can’t take any more of Hazel.

Radio Times: Lynda goes on the nature trail.

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  • Hazel steps up her display of daughterly affection by giving him a photograph of her step-children. The gesture is rather spoilt by Jack’s failure to know who they are. She then sows further seeds by suggesting that The Lodge is too big for Peggy and Jack; maybe he should think about a house with a granny flat for when she brings Carl and the children to Ambridge. She takes him to lunch at Grey Gables where they can sign the papers for her Power of Attorney in private.
  • Lynda’s obsession with the parakeet goes a step further when she hides in the grounds of Grey Gables to take a photograph, only to discover, when it arrives, that she has forgotten to load the camera. She also incurs the wrath of Caroline by being late for her shift.
  • Will returns home to find Emma in a hysterical state. George won’t stop crying and she’s had enough of being cooped up at home with him. Will suggests getting a babysitter and going for a drink after work.
  • Hazel loses no opportunity to put Caroline in her place, ordering her about and then telling her they will eat in her suite since she needs to discuss the future of Grey Gables. Through gritted teeth, Caroline agrees that it will be lovely to have Hazel and family in Ambridge permanently. She later tells Oliver she thinks it’s the end of the road for her where her job at Grey Gables is concerned.
  • Will and Emma’s drink is a disaster. Will can only talk about kingfishers and vermin control. Emma says she must get a life and do something. Wetly, Will says it will get better, and Emma rounds on him. When are they going on holiday, then? Is it that she’s spoilt and selfish? She demands to be taken home.

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