Ed and Brenda are looking forward to leaving home. Tom wishes he could leave home.

Radio Times: Tony fights for his principles.

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  • Ed’s busy planning his 21st, making it a going-away party, too. He’s keen to go clubbing, but because so many of his friends can’t make it, he decides on a party at the Bull instead. Clarrie’s delighted; that way she can still do a big family tea for him.
  • Tensions run high at Bridge Farm, as Tony has a major go at Tom for abandoning his principles in the pursuit of profit. Tom’s relieved when Brenda rings and offers to come over and help him with the vegetable boxes. That way he won’t have to speak to Tony.
  • A difficult calving means that Sam’s late for his date with Kirsty. Ruth and David offer to take over, but Sam won’t leave until cow and calf are all right. Sam tells Ruth everything’s fine; Fliss sent him a post card from the Isle of Man to say there are no hard feelings.
  • Brenda chats happily over the cabbages about university, which doesn’t help Tom’s mood. But he seems keen on the idea of going down to stay with her. For Brenda, the main thing is getting away from home. Tom knows how she feels.
  • Ed phones Emma to invite her to his party. He knows she’s depressed, because Clarrie told him. He tells her he’ll always be there should she need him. Emma hangs up and dissolves in tears.

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