Peggy gears herself up for a showdown with Hazel.

Radio Times: Emma faces a bleak future.

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  • Lilian urges Peggy to intervene in Hazel’s race to take over Jack’s affairs. Peggy’s not so sure; she’s consulted her solicitor, who told her Hazel does indeed have rights.
  • Adam and Ian are moving into Honeysuckle Cottage, and Lilian brings champagne to celebrate. First, though, Adam carries Ian over the threshold. Ian’s relieved to be out of Grey Gables, where Hazel is on the prowl, upsetting all the staff.
  • As he comes in for lunch, Will is surprised to see Emma going out. Susan is taking her into Borchester. Her day out is spoilt when Kenton sings the praises of his new waitress, and then tells her that Ed is off to Australia.
  • When she gets home, Emma rounds on Will. He didn’t tell her about Ed, and even worse, he’s discussed her reluctance to have another baby with Clarrie. It’s her life, she storms, and Will isn’t going to take it over. Poor Will can only think she’s upset about the new waitress. He just doesn’t understand.
  • Lilian calls on Peggy, to tell her about the Grey Gables situation. She tells Peggy that she’s got to confront Hazel before any more damage is done. Peggy, however, thinks it might all be for the best. Even if Hazel has got Power of Attorney, she’s still got to share it with Peggy. But to save Jack any distress, she will have it out with his terrible daughter.

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