Hazel names her price, and Ed discovers that everything has one.

Radio Times: Ed gets a double-whammy.

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  • Peggy decides to tackle Hazel, and to her surprise it’s rather easier than she expected. When she tells Hazel to go back to America, she agrees – at a price. She wants half a million, paid into her account before she leaves.
  • Emma finds Ed with the cattle. Tearfully, she asks why he didn’t tell her he was going to Australia. Awkwardly, Ed says it’s because he’s in a rut. Emma tells him he can’t go; what about her and George? She couldn’t bear it if he went: her life’s a mess, and she’s desperate to go with Ed. She says she loves him, she always has – and she knows he loves her. Ed can’t understand why she didn’t tell him all this before, and very upset, he walks away.
  • If Peggy thought Hazel’s terms were steep, she’s got another shock coming. Hazel callously says that as Jack may not live for seven years, she’ll be taxed on the half million. One of her demands is that any tax should be paid from his estate. And in addition … she wants Grey Gables. Peggy can scarcely believe what she’s hearing, and says Hazel can’t love Jack much if all she wants is his money. Icily, Hazel accuses her of marrying Jack for his money. If Peggy can’t give her what she’s asking for, she’ll stay in Ambridge.
  • Ed is distraught, and Emma begs him to say that he loves her. He tries to tell her that it’s too late; what about Will? He couldn’t take George away from his father. Then Emma drops a bombshell. She should have told him before – George isn’t Will’s child, he’s Ed’s.

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