Ed makes a big decision.

Radio Times: It’s crunch time for Emma.

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  • Brenda can’t wait to escape from home and go to university. She calls on Tom, to suggest a drink after work, and helps Tom escape from what passes for sisterly advice from Helen. When Brenda mentions how busy her family is, Tom offers to drive her down to university. Not only that; he’ll give her all his old CDs.
  • A worried Emma goes looking for Ed. She’s not the only one who’s worried; Ed didn’t feed the young stock the previous evening, and hasn’t shown up for work. Oliver senses that something is wrong, and asks Emma if he can help, but she says everything’s fine.
  • Peggy tells Lilian all about her show-down with Hazel, and even the hard-bitten Lilian is appalled. But Peggy is determined to spare Jack any more pain, and if Hazel will leave quietly, Peggy is prepared to meet her demands,
  • Making sure that Will’s at work, Ed calls round at Casa Nueva. Emma was sure he’d abandoned her and George after her bomb-shell. Ed says he needed to think things through, though he still can’t take it all in; suddenly the world looks completely different. Emma asks him to come and see George, who is just waking up. He looks just like Ed, and she has always been afraid of people guessing the truth. Ed picks him up, and melts with love for his baby son and for Emma. I’ve got both of you now, he says, and I’m not letting you go.

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