Ed and Emma start planning how to get away. Peggy tries to persuade Jack to meet Hazel’s terms.

Radio Times: Pat tries to build bridges.

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  • William is still living unaware in domestic bliss but Emma is very nervous. She tells Ed she still wants to be with him.
  • Pat is trying to build bridges with Tom over Sunday lunch but doesn’t get very far. He doesn’t feel welcome anymore so he can’t be blamed for wanting to be somewhere else.
  • Peggy begins to try to persuade Jack to give Hazel the half a million pounds, but he thinks she will just need to ask herself if she needs anything. She begins to talk him round on the money but he won’t be moved on leaving Grey Gables to Hazel – he always meant that for Peggy.
  • Emma tries to persuade Ed to leave very quickly but Ed tells her they will have to slow down. It’s not going to be easy. He explains the problems of Australia – George doesn’t even have a passport. That means they will have to wait a while before leaving. But Ed won’t let her down; they’ll be out of Ambridge soon.

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