Lilian is determined to find out what Hazel has got to hide.

Radio Times: Lilian does some digging.

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  • The catering butcher seems to be impressed with the new sausages. He might even supply the whole chain. Brian thinks it’s a good idea to have all the pub managers in and wine and dine them on the farm. They’ll get it going for next week. Meanwhile Tom isn’t keen taking a call from his Dad – he’ll just have to wait for help with the spuds.
  • Sam and Kirsty seem to be getting on well. They’ve got a date after Kirsty has finished spud picking – although Sam doesn’t seem too keen on her being at Bridge Farm.
  • Tony is complaining about his back and his shoulders. All the aches and pains. Age is slowly catching up with him and with no one here to help….. Tom’s pretty fed up with everyone having a go at him the whole time.
  • Lilian visits Jennifer to talk about Hazel. She is driving Peggy into the ground with her demands. Jennifer thinks they should go along with Hazel’s deal but Lilian is furious with her. Hazel must know she’s going to inherit a fair bit so why is she so desperate now. She’s taking a very big risk for something she’s going to get anyway. She must have something to hide. What is her business about and what is she doing in the states? But she’s found out the name of Hazel’s business so perhaps they can do a little research! They’ve got to stop her or she’ll just be back for more!

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