Hazel arranges for a valuer to value Grey Gables, but Peggy won’t tell Jack.

Radio Times: Clarrie prepares the party of the century.

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  • Clarrie is preparing Ed’s birthday party menu but Ed doesn’t seem interested. Clarrie wants to make it special but Ed says he’s got things to do. Seems Will might be too busy to come but Clarrie is trying to convince them both to be there.
  • Hazel is being as difficult as ever at Grey Gables. Lilian tries to pry a bit more into what is going on with Hazel’s business but she stonewalls her. Then Hazel produces an estate agent who is giving the hotel the once over. Caroline thinks it’s obvious – she’s having the place valued. She doesn’t want to run it, she wants to sell it.
  • Emma is still getting excited about going away. Ed seems a little more restrained and is worrying about getting a job. Emma knows she will have to tell Will about the baby. She hasn’t worked out when yet. But they are interrupted by Clarrie appearing up the escalator.
  • Lilian tells Peggy about the valuation but she won’t tell Jack. She hates herself for lying but she doesn’t want to hurt him anymore than he will be when Hazel leaves. Lilian presses her hard but she won’t give in. It wouldn’t to any good at all. For now she has to concentrate on changing his will.
  • Peggy has another confrontation with Hazel. Threatening her with time pressures and suggesting returning to the plan for the power of attorney. Caroline, too, presses Peggy to tell Jack about the valuer but she is insistent. She doesn’t want Jack to know.

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