Emma and Ed decide to leave tomorrow when Ed catches them kissing together.

Radio Times: Ed has a birthday to remember.

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  • William is still fussing about whether to go to the party. Perhaps Emma could wait until later, and perhaps they could leave early. Emma isn’t impressed.
  • Eddie and Joe are still wondering if Ed is planning to go away. But Clarrie is sure it’s only because they haven’t seen him. Eddie and Clarrie admit Ed has had his troubles but that’s all behind him now…. Not easy for Emma and Ed to find time together though with half the village there. She finds time to give him a photo of George for his birthday. She’s in a bit of a panic about having to spend more time with William. She’ll go anywhere; stay anywhere, even in England if they can be together. They’ll go tomorrow. It’s finally happening. Then William finds them together. What the hell’s going on?

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