Emma tells Will George isn’t his baby and leaves with Ed. David is in trouble with Sam for running too big a bull with the Herefords.

Radio Times: The truth hurts for William.

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  • Will is furious. But Emma says she’s leaving. Will won’t accept it. He tries to send her home and she won’t go but she leaves when Ed persuades her. Will yells that Emma is his and he’s determined to stop Ed taking her. He starts a fight but Ed won’t join in. Will just can’t believe this is happening
  • Sam and Ruth are trying to deal with a difficult calving. They can’t shift him. They need to call the vet. Sam blames David for putting to big a bull with the heifers. He’s have known better….. In the end Steve, the new vet, had to perform a caesarean. David is in for a bit of a lecture.
  • Back at the cottage, Will tries to persuade Emma to stay but she won’t stay. It’s too late for all that. He wants another chance but she has to go, she loves Ed and she always has. And Will has always known and that’s why he hates Ed. They continue to talk when Emma notices blood on William’s clothes. He won’t say where it’s from except that Ed had it coming. In the end, as Emma leaves to join Ed, she tells him that George is Ed’s baby and Will isn’t his Dad. She’s so sorry but she has to go.

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