Lilian finds out the truth about Hazel and Peggy pays her off. Emma has to stay with her Mother for a few days.

Radio Times: Emma returns to her roots.

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  • Ed and Emma spent their first night together in the car. She has to collect George from her Mother. Once Susan has gone to work Emma tidies up Ed’s wounds a bit. Nothing too serious. While they are there, Will calls and Emma tells him they are still leaving. They try to find a b&b but without any luck and Ed persuades Emma to stay at her mum’s for a few day while they sort themselves out.
  • Lilian has been doing some more research on Hazel’s business. Peggy and Lilian confront her with what they’ve found out. When Lilian called Carl’s office, his WIFE answered the phone. She was never married and she never had any step children. It was all an excuse to get money out of Jack. The game is up. She can forget all about their arrangement. Peggy pays her off out of her own money and Hazel agrees to go.
  • Peggy is very relieved it’s been sorted out without it costing Jack a penny but it’s very important that Jack never finds out. Hazel will soon be back on the plane to America.
  • Emma tells Susan what’s happened. Now she just needs a place to stay.

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