Hazel is leaving Ambridge for good. Emma is trying to leave Ambridge for good.

Radio Times: Hazel is sent packing.

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  • A confused and distraught Jack discovers an utterly unconvincing Hazel packing to leave Ambridge. He begs her to stay, and offers her whatever she wants, but Hazel displays her true colours, and savagely accuses Jack of having always put money first, even when she was a child.
  • Emma and George are still at Susan’s, though Susan is very confused over what’s going on. Emma refuses to discuss matters, and will only say that she’s leaving Will. Susan tells her she should work at the marriage.
  • Peggy tries to comfort Jack, but is finally forced to tell him that Hazel wasn’t married to Carl; she hasn’t any step children, and her intention was to sell Grey Gables and pocket the proceeds. Jack can’t accept it at first, but gradually realises that Peggy was right all along, and is upset because he didn’t believe her when she tried to tell him the truth
  • Will calls round, and Susan insists on letting him in. Emma offers all the usual clichés; a part of her will always love him, but she isn’t the right one for him… Poor Will begs her to come home and sort things out, but Emma is adamant. George is Ed’s child, and she wants to be with Ed.

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