Will goes missing. Emma tells all.

Radio Times: Brian fears a repeat of history.

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  • Neil calls at Home Farm to get his instructions, and finds the Aldridges’ bright conversation about Emma and George hard to take.
  • Brian is concerned because Will hasn’t shown up for work, or phoned. He calls at Casa Nueva, but gets no reply, and realises Will’s dog is shut in the house. He rings Eddie, who seems unconcerned, but will ring round the family.
  • Susan tries to get the whole story out of Emma, and eventually Emma admits that she’s left Will in order to go off with Ed, because he’s George’s natural father, and that George was conceived on her hen night. Susan does her best to keep calm, but Neil loses his temper with Emma.
  • Increasingly worried, Brian gets a call from Eddie, to say that Emma has left home, and is at her parents’ house, but he puts it down to Emma’s hormones, and isn’t overly concerned. Then Jenny reminds Brian that Will has a gun. Dreading the thought that this might be a re-run of Greg, Brian hurries over to the cottage, and to his relief, finds a stricken Will. Brian shows his better side, and assures Will that it’s fine; work doesn’t matter at the moment.
  • All the attempts of her parents to make her see sense and try to sort things out with Will just make Emma more determined. She’s going to spend the rest of her life with Ed.

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