The Carters and the Grundys try to sort things out.

Radio Times: The Grundys and the Carters become families at war.

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  • At last Will tells his parents what’s happened. Predictably, Clarrie is full of motherly concern, while Eddie vows revenge on Ed. Will won’t come back to stay in case he meets Ed, so Clarrie offers to bring a meal round later.
  • The Grundys go to the Carters for a council of war, but Eddie leaves Clarrie to it, determined to find Ed and tell him what he thinks. A row breaks out, with Clarrie and Susan taking their own child’s side, and Neil losing his temper
  • Eddie tracks Ed down and launches his offensive. Ed tries to explain that he and Emma have always loved each other – that’s why he didn’t go to the wedding, and why he tried to keep out of their marriage. When Eddie suggests that Emma might be lying, Ed leaps to her defence, saying he has to stand by his son. The furious Eddie orders Ed to take his things and leave the house.

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