Tom sees life from another angle. Emma sees a solution.

Radio Times: Tom’s at the bottom of the food chain.

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  • Tom’s looking forward to his business lunch at Home Farm, and is anxious to change into his best suit. Tony has his usual snipe at what Tom’s doing, so when Brian tells him he must stay in his overalls at the pig unit, he takes care not to let Tony find out.
  • Ed finds himself homeless. Jazzer’s mother has made it clear he can’t stay there indefinitely. He tells Emma that Hungary might be their best bet; he’s sure Oliver would find him a job.
  • Brian’s business contacts wine and dine a little too well, and give Tom a hard time, treating him as the hired hand he’s coming to recognise as himself.
  • When Ed turns up at the Carters, Emma asks her parents to let him stay. Neil won’t countenance the idea, but Susan tries to be reasonable. Emma suggests the caravan, but Neil says no; he’s got a buyer lined up, and they need the money. Susan stands her ground; if they won’t help, Emma will only take George away to goodness knows where. They must put his welfare first.

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