Ed meets with more opposition.

Radio Times: Ed and Emma sample domestic bliss.

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  • Lynda calls at the lodge with some birdseed in case the parrot should show up. She’s contacted a parrot expert, but the bird failed to appear for him, so Lynda is clutching her digital camera just in case. Jack is confused, and keeps saying that he hopes the other birds won’t eat all the food.
  • Emma and Ed enjoy domestic bliss in the caravan. Ed’s worried because Oliver hasn’t returned his call. Emma’s more worried that Will might discover where they are.
  • David drops a chainsaw off at Grange farm, where Caroline tells him that Oliver’s away until the end of the week. They are interrupted by Lynda, who wants David, as Parish Councillor, to find out what’s going on at the Cat and Fiddle. Lynda has heard rumours that the developers might have different plans for it.
  • Unable to wait any longer, Ed goes to find Oliver, but has an encounter with Caroline instead. When he tries to explain his situation, a shocked Caroline launches into a major lecture, telling him he’s irresponsible, and that Oliver will think so too.
  • Over a cup of tea at The Lodge, Peggy tells Caroline what Hazel has done, and apologises for being short with Caroline earlier. Caroline fully understands, and is concerned only for Jack. But a delighted Jack bursts in; the parrot is feeding from their bird-table.

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