Sam and Kirsty get close over a cow. Will can’t get near his son.

Radio Times: Will fights fire with fire.

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  • Sam and Kirsty’s relationship is developing well, even if a bottle of wine mid-week caused Sam to fall asleep. Kirsty wants to help him with the cows – she loved the dairy farming she learnt at college. Sam’s delighted; it’s great to have something in common. Fliss didn’t want to know.
  • Roy is concerned about Will, and tries to persuade him to come out for a drink. Will’s convinced that the whole village is talking about him, and won’t come. Roy lets slip the fact that Ed and Emma are living in the caravan, and Will goes straight round there.
  • David is impressed by Kirsty’s way with the calves, and tells her she’s welcome to help Sam. He’s amused to see Sam blush when Kirsty teases him. Maybe Sam does have a softer side after all – and David admits he was right about using too large a bull.
  • Realising that the news about the caravan has come as a shock to Will, Roy goes straight over, to find himself in the midst of a shouting match. Will demand to see George, Emma is terrified, George starts crying – and Ed comes to the door with George in his arms. Will is beside himself, and Roy has to drag him away, back to Willow Farm. He reminds Will of the fight he had to exert his rights over Phoebe, and suggests that he, too, gets a solicitor to sort out access to George. Will agrees.

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